Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Projects

In a week I will be moving into my first home with my college friends! My mother and I have an eye for art, being creative and making used, ugly furniture into one of a kinds. Our first project was taking toilet paper rolls and cutting them into pieces and then stapling them together. Later we sprayed painted them a gold and a metallic silver.

My mom found 5 chairs for my dining room at a thrift store. They are wooden with a dark maroon, velvet seat covering. We first took the chair apart so we could spray paint the wooden part of the chair a shinny white. We bought white leather fabric to replace the maroon velvet seat covering, for an updated look. The white on white chairs will make our dining room girly and classy for us 5 girls. As you can see we are still putting the chairs together but don't worry, once I get back from vacation we'll finish the chairs and share the finish project.